Saturday, May 16, 2015


Some endings are good: the end of allergy season, the end of a fun day at lake watching the sun go down, the end of a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day, the timely end of a life well lived... And there are bad endings: terminal cancer, a weak stomach and bad sushi, a recovering addict back in a bar, a divorce of a marriage that should have made it, an old man who could do anything, but is losing his mind a little more each day... 

Some battles end badly. We all want to finish well, but the truth is we can't possibly do that. We are destined for failure, it's in our corrupted nature. Many of the Heros of the Bible, didn't finish well. Samson, Solomon, even David didn't end without some major setbacks. But it's not over, the END hasn't happened yet. In the END all those in Christ, finish well, praising God around His throne forever. Doing what we were designed to do well. The corruption of sin has been defeated and we get to experience the awesome, pure, divine relationship with God we at our core desire. That is a good ending, but its a happy ending that never ends! 

Success in this life doesn't secure a good ending, only faith in Jesus Christ does that!  With this end in mind, keep following Jesus. Die to your self and live for Him. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Relationship Over Opportunity

I heard the phrase "choose relationship over opportunity" a few days ago. I'm sure I had heard it before, but this time it made me pause to let it marinate a little. What a great way to show real love; choosing people over personal gain. The world says look for opportunities to make your life better, strengthen your resume, bring you more fun, entertain you, get more pleasure or get ahead... but love says make your relationships healthier, stronger, more giving... Our natural bent is toward self-seeking narsissism and prideful selfishness. That self-serving part of us has to die, to be crucified,  in order to truly live. Jesus sought relationship with us over His position in heaven to reconcile us with God the Father. Here's the test for me today: will I select relationship with my family, friends and  other people over convenience, or self protection, or my own ambition?

Today, Lord, show me ways to think and live out the guiding value of relationship over opportunity.