Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Learning from the Three Amigos!

An old movie I enjoy is the Three Amigos.  In one of the scenes the three friends are riding their horses across the desert.  They are all parched.  They are hot.  They are obviously in need of water.  So they stop and get out their canteens.  Steve Martin’s character turns his canteen up and one little drop of water comes out.  Martin Short’s character opens his canteen, turns it up and only sand comes out.  Chevy Chase’s character opens his canteen, puts it to his mouth and water gushes out soaking his mouth and clothes.  The other two turn to him hoping he will share just a little with them.  Chase’s character, however, is oblivious to their need and proceeds to not only gulp down the liquid, but spill it out all over himself, swish it around his mouth then spit it out. When he has had all he wants, he throws the canteen to the side and the rest of the water pours out all over the ground.  He then blissfully pulls out some chap-stick and coats his lips.  Finally he notices his friends’ woeful stares and offers them some lip balm… a sad consolation for these two were desperate for some water.   

Sometimes we believers are like that; we have the living water of Jesus. We are refreshed and enjoying His blessings, but we are totally oblivious to those around us who are spiritually parched.  We enjoy worshipping, and studying God’s Word.  We enjoy the Christian fellowship of the body of Christ.  We are refreshed when we serve others in Jesus name.  But  we neglect to share the blessings of salvation with those who are desperate to know Him.