Friday, April 25, 2014

Where Did the Time Go?

My oldest daughter is about to finish high school and join her brother in the ranks of college students. Last night my all grown up girl won an award for citizenship, was honored as a candidate for Miss EHS and gave a speech as the VP of her class. It seems like yesterday when she was a little toddler full of smiles, stepping in the paint bucket, babbling and chasing big brother in the back yard with a Barbie jeep.  At some point she grew up. Did she ever! She was like a grown up Miss America last night. She inspired and entertained us with her short encouraging speech and graciously and sincerely applauded the Mr and Miss EHS winners (2 wonderful students who are very deserving). She turns 18 today, old enough to smoke (hope she doesn't) and vote (hope she does), but not yet considered an adult in some ways (thank goodness).  Tomorrow she goes to prom. Wow, we were just doing the American Girl doll thing, learning to do backhandsprings, and watching Disney Princesses and Barney non-stop. 
But really isn't this is what it is all about?... growing up our children and launching them to make their own impact on this crazy world. Now is when we have to let go and hope that we have given them all they need to thrive in on this challenging planet. The bad parent anxieties haunt me: Did I teach her the right things? Did I give her some life skills to survive in the hostile world? Did I encourage her faith? Did I give her enough without overindulging her? It is her challenge now. Yes, I always want to be there for her when she needs something, but I want her to learn the skills to do things on her own. That means I have to learn the next part of parenting... parenting an adult (or almost adult).  Lord give me grace and wisdom!

My prayers are that in all my short comings, Christ will be her all in all, her daily Salvation, her Sustainer, Teacher, her Protector. 

Good job daughter! I love you, you're a winner, do your best! You will be just fine! Live, Grow, Keep your Faith, Change the World for Good.  Pray for your Daddy!